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Nordtec Maritime Services ApS is a reputable company, founded in 1998. We carry out the renovation of air coolers, mechanical seals and tube and shell heat shell exchangers. We also offer remanufactured freshwater generators as well as a variety of ceramic products for several marine corrosion protection applications.


We clean and renovate all types of air coolers. All coolers will be cleaned chemically. The cleaning fluids are developed so that they do not harm the coolers. The air cooler end covers can be renovated with Nordtec ceramic materials and new anodes.


The following FWG types is available in stock: nearly all AFGU types of Atlas Denmark, Atlas Sasakura, Nirex / Alfa Laval JWP26 and JWP36. We can offer remanufactured fresh water generators on a service exchange basis. When we remanufacture a FWG we strip it totally down and put all parts except tube plates in a pyrolyses oven. In the pyrolyses process the items are heated up to 500ºC in 12h to get rid of the chlorites which are trapped in the steel.

When the items are out of the oven it is sandblasted to SA2½. If there is a hole in the casing the area is cut out and replaced with new plate - if the tube plates are bad they are replaced. All tubes in the heater and condenser are changed. All gaskets are replaced. All bolts are replaced, and the bolts in the condenser are replaced with stainless steel bolts.

After repair on the casing it is sandblasted again to SA2½. All small corrode areas are rebuilt with Nordtec Ceramic Rapid. The bottom is coated with three layers of Nordtec 2212 FDA (food grade coating), whilst the sides are applied with two layers of the same. The Nirex distiller JWP 36, JWP 26 and Atlas distiller of AFGU types are very frequent visitors to our workshop.


We deliver pumps, ejectors, plates and gaskets for the following types: Nirex and Alfa Laval JWP-26 / JWP-36. The Nirex plates are totally remanufactured, chemically cleaned, crack tested and provided with new gaskets. New gaskets can also be delivered directly from Nordtec on a day-to-day service. We are able to supply nearly all spares for Atlas Danmark and Sasakura.


We carry out the repair and sales of the most common and special mechanical seals, such as: FLEXIBOX, JOHN CRANE, NIPPON PILLAR, SEALOIL, BURGMAM, CYCLAM and PACIFIC.


We are able to deliver tube and shell heat exchangers that range in size from the smallest to the largest. In cases where reconditioning is no longer an option, we can deliver new heat exchangers upon specification.


Nordtec ceramic products provide high protection against erosion and corrosion damage in fluid flow environments. The Nordtec ceramic repair kit, with its multi-purpose repair capability, is an indispensable partner on-site, as well as in any serious workshop concerning marine machinery. The Nordtec Ceramic products and the user manual is housed in a wooden box for easy storage, and for keeping the components tidy.

Nordtec ceramic products are safe, easy-to-use and, due to their simple packaging and indefinite storage life, they can be used anytime and anywhere to rebuild or repair worn or damaged machinery.


End covers

Water boxes

Condenser tube sheets

Fresh water generators

Filter housings and strainers

Heat exchanger and end covers

It is the objective of Nordtec Maritime Services ApS to appear as a quality conscious company. The quality of our company's work must be able to meet our customers' needs and specifications.

Renovation of freshwater generators. We can offer total renovation or the remanufacture of freshwater generators on a service exchange basis. We deliver gaskets for the following fresh water generators: Nirex / Alfa Laval P26 / P36.

Renovation of mechanical seals. The picture illustrates a repair job on PILLAR mechanical seals for cargo pumps.

Nordtec ceramic repair materials. Nordtec ceramic products are the finest compounds for the rebuilding and re-surfacing of components and for equipment operating in the most aggressive marine environments, which are subject to erosion and corrosion damage.